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Vat registration

Vat registration

Every business-man/ woman or an aspiring business-man/woman who wants to sell online often comes across the word "VAT Registration".

People often get confused so as to if they should get one or not.Is it beneficial for them or not? If they want to get registered, then what is the procedure and documentation required? So many questions bothering you. So here we are, we’ll simplify it to you so that you can easily sail through this process.

VAT as I mentioned before is "Value Added Tax"or the Sales Tax that is to be paid to the government for any sale that is made. But the catch is, unlike income tax this tax is not deducted from your pocket. This tax is paid to you by the customer and you pass it on to the Government.

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Who Need?

Anyone who sells anything,be it goods,products or anything that can be felt or touched then you require a VAT registration.

In India if the turnover of your (that is you are a entrepreneur)business is more than ₹5 Lakh in a year (₹10 Lakh is some states),then you need to have a VAT Registration.

Also if your business is involved in purchasing goods that have been levied with VAT, then it is advisable that you go for a registration or else you will have no way to claim the VAT that goes from your pocket.

If you are dealing inter- state then it becomes mandatory for you to have CST Registration if in case you do not want any hassles in the logistics.

Why need?

If someone comes up to you and asks what proof do you have to prove your identity? What will you do in such a case?

Pull out your driving license or voter ID? Why? Because they are Government issued Identity – Cards for you. Similarly VAT registration is also one of the Government proof of your business. It makes your customers and other entrepreneurs more confident about the authenticity of your company and makes you a reliable entrepreneur as well.

This is the biggest benefit that VAT Registration brings along.Plus any day if your turnover crosses the threshold limit, you have to register for it.But it is always advisable to do it before hand because a very high penalty is issued if in case your turnover crosses the threshold.And as we say prevention is always better than cure.And why wait for the Government to penalize you? Let us get started now!

1.Whoopie!! You are a recognizedThere will be a certain authenticity associated to your company and other entrepreneurs will be more comforted in doing business with you.This is a surety on your part that yes legally you are a sorted company.

2.You get to use Set off -So firstly what is set off?

Set – off is the difference of the VAT you give to your supplier and the VAT you receive from your customer.So in simpler words VAT for a particular product has to reach the Government only once. So if you paid some VAT you can deduct it from what your customer gave you.

3.A VAT registration implies that your business turnover is more than 5 lakh INR.So it makes your company appear established and larger.That will further appeal to more entrepreneurs and help you expand.

4.You become eligible for VAT refunds-This means that you can claim the taxes you have paid in an European country while you buy any goods there.

5.You can easily see your VAT status or dealer status just by punching in your VAT number.This removes all hassles of going through all set of documents or receipts that when last VAT was paid.

Vat Registration Process

The application for VAT Registration Number needs to be done with the specific commercial tax department of a particular state or local VAT Office, where the business is located.

Step 1:

VAT Registration Form is available with the Central Sales Tax office of the city.The applicant can collect the forms from the Public Relation’s Officer or the Registration Department.

Step 2:

Following documents needs to be submitted for processing the VAT Number:

  • Central Sales Tax registration certificate(Form A).
  • Professional tax registration certificate (Form 2).
  • Copy of important documents such as the address proof, ID proof of the Proprietor/Partner/Director.
  • Four passport size photographs of the Proprietor/Partner/Director.
  • PAN Number and Bank Account Number of the Proprietor/Partner/Director.
  • Copy of the rental agreement of the business place.
  • Details of business activities.
  • Partnership deed (for partnership firm).
  • Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association (for a Private Limited company).

Step 3:

After submission of forms, the place of business is inspected by the VAT authorities within a specific period.

Step 4:

After approval, the forms are processed after payment of registration fees to the local VAT office.

Step 5:

Then the TIN is generated and VAT Registration Certificate is sent within a week’s time via post to the applicant.

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Rs.6999 /-all inclusive price

    Professional fee for VAT registration excluding government fee.


Rs.11999 /- all inclusive price

    Professional fee for VAT registration excluding government fee.


Rs.13999 /- all inclusive price

    Professional fee for VAT registration excluding government fee.

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