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Private Limited Company

Private Limited Company

The private limited companies are those companies which are managed privately by a group of individuals, and are not entitled to offer their shares to the public, or trade on the stock exchange, as if commonly done by the public limited companies.

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Exclusive Benefits of Private Limited Company

Separate Legal Entity Status

A Private Limited Company can be formed by two persons only, by complying with the prescribed formalities of the Companies Act. With INC 29, this is the fastest way to register a company.


The biggest advantage of a Private Limited Company is that its identity is distinct from that of its members. A company is a separate person having its own rights & Obligations.


In case of death of the owner or transfer of shares, your business won’t get affected. There will be no effect on firm’s continuance.


The greatest benefit of Private Limited Company is limited liability. If any liability arises then its member is not personally affected; members are only liable for unpaid shares held by them and not more than that. Stakeholders are not liable for corporate debts and liabilities.


A Private Limited Company is required to perform lesser legal formalities as compared to a Public Limited Company. It enjoys special exemptions and privileges under the company law. Therefore, in Private Limited Company, less number of compliance is required.


A Private Limited Company is not required to publish its accounts or file several documents. Therefore, it is in a better position than a public company to maintain business secrets.


Flexibility to raise investments or loans from NRIs and Foreigners. Easy to raise investments and corporate loans.


Private Limited Company enjoys enhanced transparency thus able to win the trust of general public.

Private Limited Registration Process

Filling & Registration

Filings form INC -22 and DIR-12 and other relevant forms.Obtaining the certificate of commencement of business for starting business.

Getting DIN & DSC

Making of DINs and DSCs with support of Ministry corporate of affairs

Approval of name

Approval to the proposed name of the company and reservation of the same with office of the concerned ROC, with the help of form INC -1 & INC- 7. Submitting the AOA and MOA of the company within six month from the reservation of approved company name.

Incorporation of PLP

The minimum amount of the paid-up capital needed at the time of incorporation is at present INR -100000

Simple and Transparent Pricing


Rs.14999 /-all inclusive price

    Company registration with DSC, DIN, name approval.


Rs.18999 /- all inclusive price

    Company registration with DSC, DIN, name approval.


Rs.24999 /- all inclusive price

    Company registration with DSC, DIN, name approval, incorporation fee, PAN, TAN, share certificates,

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