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Nidhi Company

Nidhi Company

Nidhi Company is created with the intention of fostering the virtues of saving and thrift among its members. In Nidhi Companies, funds are borrowed from members and lent to them as well. Funds may be circulated among members only and these companies are small in size when compared with banks and other financial institutions. The chief objective being cultivating the habit of saving, Nidhi Companies exchange funds with members for mutual benefit.

Nidhi Companies fall under registered limited companies in India and require a minimum of seven members. A Nidhi Company is recognized in section 620-A of the Business Act, 1956. It is mandatory to have ‘Nidhi Limited’ as the last word of a Nidhi Company’s name. Since Nidhi Companies are similar to Non Banking Financial Companies, they come under the scope of the Reserve Bank of India. Nonetheless, since they deal only with funds belonging to share holder members, they have been exempted from RBI’s core provisions and other stipulations that apply to NFBC

Exclusive Benefits of Nidhi Company

Easy management

These highly localized single office institutions having no external involvement , give loans to and accept deposit members at pleasant rates,and minimum documentation and formalities.

Undisturbed Continuous Presence

These mutual benefits societies seek to build a habit of making saving and thriftiness among their respective members, and work for giving benefits to both the depositors and borrowers. People under the lower to middle financial statuses are to be benefited remarkably through the activities/services of these nidhi companies


The funds of a nidhi company are principally to by its members. And consequently, the deposits mobilized by the nidhi companies are much lesser than those handled by the institutions of the organized banking/financial sectors.

Legal entity

A nidhi company is not entitled by the law to accept deposits from or give loans to any other person or corporate body, other than its members/shareholders. Again, the nidhi company are not legally authorized to enter into any partnership agreement related with lending and borrowing. providing any advertising or incentives for soliciting deposits or for facilitating loans, are also not allowed by the law.

Distinct advantage

This provides easy and convenient loans to members against variety of collateral, such as gold and silver jewelries, immovable properties, fixed deposits receipts, NSCs, and other government securities and insurance policies. The repayment period to one year and seven years, against jewelries and immovable property, respectively as a security. Loans are given at just reasonably low rates of interest.

Registration Process of Nidhi Company

At Apnalegal services ,our commitment is not only assisting entrepreneurs to start and manage their new business ventures but also helping them in growing their business along with time. Our primary objectives are educating clients in regulatory and legal requirements and assure that compliance needs are met at every stage in the business cycle.

Filling & submitting form

Clients just need to fill the necessary form with details as demanded by our simple format – we will follow up.

Getting DIN & DSC

We will take care of getting the DSC & DIN for you within 3 working days – you just have to approve.

Verification & Approval

The process of verifying name availability and approval may take 2 to 3 working days.

Submission of Documents

With all the details collected and put up in proper form, we will file your documents with the ROC for you.

Registering Nidhi Company

Documents Required

  • PAN card copy of director
  • Passport sized photographs of directors
  • Copy of Voter ID/Aadhaar card
  • Rental Agreement copy / Property Title copy
  • NOC from rental / leasing party

Our Services Include

  • DIN & Digital Signature for 3 Directors
  • Name check and approval process
  • Registration fee payment
  • Documentation required for Registration

What makes us Tick?

  • A one-stop solution centre for clients
  • Expertise in company registration process gained over experience
  • A list of delighted clients
  • Cost-effective and fee transparency (no hidden charges)
  • A one-stop solution centre for clients

Simple and Transparent Pricing


Rs.58999 /-all inclusive price

    Nidhi company registration with PAN and TAN.


Rs.98999 /- all inclusive price

    Nidhi company registration with PAN, TAN and share issuance for upto 100 shareholders.


Rs.123999 /- all inclusive price

    NCR with PAN, TAN, share issuance for upto 100 shareholders and Nidhi status filing.

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