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Limited Liability Partnership

Limited Liability Partnership

Offering limited liability protection to the group of associated people conducting business together, LLP proves to be the ideal fit for small and medium sized business.

Introduced recently during 2008 through Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008, LLP has attained a popular status among legal structures for conducting business. As the name implies, this form of business limits the partners’ liabilities to their business contribution alone while offering protection against misdeeds, negligence, or other partners’ incompetence. This feature is considered as the primary improvement over General Partnership.

Exclusive Benefits of Limited Liability Partnership

Separate Legal Entity Status

It being a legal entity established under the Act, LLP form of business is rich in legal capacity with rights to own assets and incur debts. Partners in LLP are not liable to creditors with relation to those debts.

Undisturbed Continuous Presence

LLP has the capacity to exist in perpetual succession till such a time as it gets dissolved. As LLP happens to be a separate legal person, departure or death of any partner or partners doesn’t terminate this; it continues to exist regardless of any partnership change.

Transferability is Simple

It is easy to transfer ownership of a Limited Liability Partnership – inducting other persons, changing managing partners, or changing the ownership of the LLP can be performed smoothly.

Audit is not Needed

LLPs having turnover below Rs.40 Lakhs and capital contribution under Rs.25 Lakhs do not require audit. This makes the format ideal for small businesses and start-ups that seek minimal compliance needs and those who are just getting started with their operations.

Property Ownership

LLP is a juristic person entitled to own, acquire, alienate, and enjoy properties on its individual name. As long as the LLP functions as a going concern, its partners cannot claim on any of the properties.

Tax Benefits

LLPs enjoy certain exclusive tax advantages such as Surcharge and Dividend Distribution Tax. Loans availed by partners do not attract taxes.

Limited Liability of Partners

Each legal member of the LLP being responsible to only a limited portion or amount of debts, LLP provides the maximum possible protection to partners from liability. Unlike partnership and proprietorship of business, liability in the case of LLP form of organization is very limited.

LLP Registration/Incorporation Process

LLP Registration

At Apnalegal, we require just around 7 days for getting your Limited Liability Partnership incorporated. Exact time period depends on the processing time of ROC.

Getting DIN & DSC

Designated Partner Identification (DPIN) and Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) of proposed partners are needed. Normal time required for obtaining DSC and DPIN is less than 2 days.

Approval of name

Minimum one and maximum six names need to be submitted with the MCA, for the proposed LLP. Name approval process can be completed in 1 working days.

Incorporation of LLP

After submitting documents related to incorporation to the MCA together with an application for incorporation, MCA normally approves within 5 to 6 days, depending on processing time.

Simple and Transparent Pricing


Rs.6999 /-all inclusive price

    LLP registration with DSC, DIN, LLP deed drafting, name approval, PAN, TAN and government fees for incorporation.


Rs.10999 /- all inclusive price

    LLP registration with DSC, DIN, LLP deed drafting, name approval, PAN, TAN, government fees for incorporation and one year TDS return filing.


Rs.16999 /- all inclusive price

    LLP registration with DSC, DIN, LLP deed drafting, name approval, PAN, TAN, government fees for incorporation, one year TDS return filing and trademark registration.

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